How To Get Your Life Back On Track

Have you ever felt like you were going nowhere fast or going in a direction you had no intention of taking?  Have you felt like you were spinning out of control without knowing why?  Hopefully, you said yes, and I can breathe a sigh of relief that I’m not the only one.

I am writing this post because I believe there are lots of us who want to know How to Get Your Life Back on Track.  The funny thing is we can get off track by subtle movements, compounded over time.

Maybe, you were laid off, downsized or right sized and suddenly began to do more work than anybody else in an effort to hold on to a job.  Or maybe you stayed way too long in a relationship.

I don’t know the what, why or how, but I do know, as we all do, that when we’re not living our authentic life, life is not fun, fulfilling or enjoyable.

Tips to Get Your Life Back on Track

I find it always helps to stand still and do nothing, while you get your bearings. Determine what your destination is, then assess if the train is going where you want to go. If not, pull the string, ring a bell or do whatever you must to not keep going down the wrong track. If for some reason you cannot get off the train immediately, relax, enjoy the ride and see what lessons you might learn.

It is your life and when it’s not working, you know it.  My hope is that you will not continue down an obvious wrong track for too long.  You can only go along for the ride for so long.  When you’re on your track, you may ebb and flow and take some unexpected turns in the road, but you are on the journey and that’s what counts.

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