Get Your Life Back – The Choice is Yours

It seems like we are constantly bombarded with choices in life.  Maybe bombarded is not the best word, because having free will and the ability to choose is a blessing.

I am writing this post because it is extremely important that we understand and be aware that we do have a choice.   While some things are beyond our control, in most cases we can exercise our freedom to choose.

What do I mean?  If we say our time is eaten up by stuff we have to do every day, leaving us no time for ourself, I reply – Choose NOT to get sucked in. If your life has been taken over by the I have to, I’ve got to,  I should & I always, I urge you to STOP - take a breath and reconsider.   Remember, the choice is yours.

Take 1 minute and 45 seconds to watch a video that captures the power of choice.  Please click the link to the right  THRIVE during CHANGE2

Life is really all about the choices we make or don’t make.  When we put off making a choice, by default, a choice is made for us.  Want your life back?  Choose today that reclaiming your life will be a priority.

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