How to Restore Your Soul

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year.   The beauty of the changing leaves & trees is perfect for reflecting and finding how to restore your soul.   I am writing this post today because we are in a period of change and restoration.   In a previous post, I shared one of my ideas for a weekend getaway. 

 Today, I’ll introduce you to a special place that seems designed for restoring the soul.  The town is Half Moon Bay, California where you can enjoy the ocean surf, quiet walks, night life and some of the freshest sea food.

The perfect place to restore and revive for me involves water, fresh air, trees and a slow pace.   Half Moon Bay is one of those places that takes you back in time, with hotels and inns reminiscent of the Golden Days of Hollywood.

From the moment you arrive at the Ocean Spa & Resort Hotel, the lobby soothes you and gives you permision to breathe.  Understated elegance seems to just be conducive to relaxing. 

Located just feet from the ocean, you’re invited to take in sunrises & sunsets that are breathtaking and that remind you what life is about without all of the rush, technology and deadlines.   At our last visit, we saw people walking their dogs, others sitting in lounge chairs reading or listening to music,  and even a beach side candle light dinner.  There’s something for anybody who wants to be revived.

What’s the Room Like?

If you exhaust yourself with the outdoor beauty, the rooms are spacious, inviting and make us want to find reasons to stay inside, other than sleeping.  Small kitchenettes provide space for left overs and snacks for relaxing by one of the 2 fireplaces.   It seems to me that the most perfect places to revive yourself are the most natural.  Half Moon Bay definitely fits the bill and delivers fun, quiet, solitude, great food and the opportunity to meet some new friends.

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