Burning Your Permission Slip

Do you remember as a child bringing home a permission slip for your parents to sign so you could go on a field trip?  Being a baby boomer, I recall having permissions for everything.  We needed a permission slip to leave the school campus, to see a sex education film, to eat treats a parent brought to school – you name it.  We needed a permission slip for everything.

My blog post today is about burning your permission slip.  Even as adults, we sometimes behave as if we must get “someone” to sign a piece of paper giving us permission to do something.  Why is that?  I don’t really know, but I suspect it has something to do with programming or conditioning to make sure it’s ok before venturing out.

I think this is a bigger problem for women, especially baby boomers.  I believe young women today are much better at acting independently than their mothers and it’s wonderful to see.  But for those of us born between 1946 and 1964, what happens when we can’t seem to get out of the “permission slip” habit? I think this calls for drastic action.

In the 1960s groups of young women burned their bras to protest sexist systems that were at work at the time.  This was really a big deal and energized women of all ages.  It was liberating to burn a bra and resist a system that was oppressive to women.  I say that from experience because I burned a bra, made a statement and decided to go bra-less.

How Do You Burn Your Permission Slip?

Stop asking someone else if you can do what must be done in your life.  Maybe permission slips were put in place to protect us from some outside force.  But, as grown ups, we know how to protect ourselves, and how to minimize risk.  When you’re in a relationship, of course you will communicate your intentions with your spouse or significant other, because the goal is not to hurt or harm someone else.  You might even include your family in the communication.  The key is you include them, you don’t ask for their permission.  So in the words of Nike, Just Do It.  Word for the day – Burn the permission slip and don’t look back.  You are empowered to give yourself permission to go in a different direction or take a different path.  Just Do It~

Write down one thing you have longed to do, but have been putting off!