Are you an Actor or an Extra?

My question for today is – Are you an Actor or an Extra in your own life?  If the world is a stage, what part have you chosen to play in this thing we call life?  Anyone who loves movies knows that there is always a main character, surrounded by a cast of supporting actors.  In most cases, the main character or leading lady takes the show and is most prominent.  In other words, the leading lady is the Actor and plays the lead role.  She is central to the story itself, which is what we must be in our life.

Being an Actor means you are involved, engaged and in “action” at all times.  You simply can’t be an Actor and be part of the background scenery.  The lights are on, the crowd is waiting and it’s show time.  Are you ready to step center stage and live your life?

My First Acting Role

When I was in my early teens, our school had a theater group and like all kids, I wanted to act.  After memorizing my lines and rehearsing for what seemed like forever, it was opening night for one of our small class productions.  When it was time for the curtain to go up, all the planning, memorizing of lines and practice flew right out of the window.  I and all my peers totally forgot what we were supposed to be doing.  Thank God our teachers were in the wings with cards and feeding us the lines.   We got through it somehow, but I don’t remember one thing about it except the ending when everybody was clapping.

An Actor Must Participate

An Actor has a responsibility, especially if you are the lead, which is exactly the role you play in your life.   Participation, not perfection is key.  You practice, role play, read books, attend seminars, seek professional help and a host of other things, hoping to get it right.  Reality is, there is no getting it right.  Participation will allow you to create your path as you take it.  If you forget the rehearsed lines, you may have to improvise, but you will get through it.  After all, your aim is to play the “game of life” and act as if your life depends on it, because it does.

Will You Settle For Being an Extra?

There is no reason to settle for being an extra in your own life when you could be the headliner.  When we decide to give our life over to someone or something else, we are settling for crumbs when the whole meal is waiting for us.  When you settle for being an extra, you will lose your sense of uniqueness, because your job is to fit into a mold made just for other people who are acting as fillers to the story.  This is not what we desire.

“All the world’s a stage
and all the men and women merely players
they have their exits and their entrances
and one man in his time plays many parts
his acts being seven ages”.

Actor or Extra, the choice is yours.   Do you really want your life back?  Choose to be an Actor and enjoy the performance of your life.  Until next time~

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10 thoughts on “Are you an Actor or an Extra?

  1. Back in the early 70′s there were a song, The hold world is a stage and everybody plays a part, the stage is set and the curtain goes up and the scene is a broken heart. Those lyric resonated within me. I always wonder why the scene have to be broken hearted. I know now, after reading your blog it come to mind, that people chose their scene in life. To be or not to be. To be an actor or a extra. My wife and I have many discussion about going to movies. My choices are action pack movies and the heroes always win. My comment about alway going to see movie like that. “Why do I want to pay money, to see movies that make me cry”, “I like feeling good”. In other words, I have a choice in life to be a participant or a non-participant. To be happy or sad. To be a victim or to live in victory. The choice is really mine. Thank you for allowing me to be a super actor on the grand stage of life………….. the voice of reason {almus}

    • Almus – to be a victor or a victim is the question for many of us. It’s interesting how men and women can see the same movie through a totally different lens.

      For many women, an emotional movie is an outlet to release pent up emotions or deal with an issue that may have been bothering her. Strange how a good cry can make you feel really good in some situations.

      You are so right, it is all about choice and choosing to be fully engaged in life. Thanks for the insightful comment. Congratulations on being a super actor.


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    • Hello – I haven’t traded posts before, but it is something I might be interested in doing. What is your primary blog or site?

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