1 Decision Guaranteed to Change Your Life

Today’s post is simple, because as you know, I like simple. I’ve blogged about steps to make in order to bring about change and get you started on the road to reclaiming your life. I make every effort to keep it simple and doable. So, if I present 7 easy steps, I’m constantly working on a way to break it down to 5 steps or maybe 3. I came up with 1 Decision that in my mind trumps them all and here it is:

Decide to do Whatever It Takes

This sounds too simple doesn’t it?  How could I guarantee that making this 1 Decision will change your life?  Because it’s true.  Once you decide to do Whatever It Takes to get your life back and to live it your way, there is no need to stop and think about a questionable activity or to canvass your friends and family to get permission.  You’ve already decided to do Whatever It Takes.  This simple decision is very liberating and will change your life.

A Lesson From Will Smith

I recently came across a YouTube video featuring actor, Will Smith.  He was talking about his life and what turning points meant the most for his success.  Please take a moment to view this clip:

Make the 1 Decision that will change your life, help you reclaim it or live it the way you desire. Do whatever it takes to live, not just exist. Share this & comment. I’l love to hear from you.

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